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The Same – The Night

April 8, 2009

Wed Apr 8 16:06:57 2009

The night in Chile, he remained absorbed
in latitude. The same, the male. A grain,
a flag, the greater number of the same
result. The forms in vapor, or in some
degree the firearms, were not in some
degree the hussy. But the same. The moon,
retired. Besides the fireplace. The same,
appeared before the species, called a man

in question, as in that position, that
the same before the settlers had erased
the fruit, in certain awe, a great event
in leather, piercing eyes upon the same.
The fire of the brain affected, when
the same, in short, the worse the ache. Perhaps
the thickness of enjoyment, Mexico,
define the several hundred steps. The time

required for the whole. The same, in due
proportion as the organs of extreme
perfection of the species. With the same
conditions, barricade the steps, a cross
between the species. As a favor. Take
the place, the island, ready for the same.
The sky towards the point. The spreading and
diversified. The male alone. The same.

Statistically analyzed texts:
Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species
Feodor Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground
Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island

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