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Wuthering Haiku: A Sequence

April 18, 2009

Sat Apr 18 15:13:04 2009

The moon shone, under
which she should die for crying
and beasts out yonder!

Sat Apr 18 15:15:45 2009

I felt that Heathcliff
has forgot the first thing that
ever I answered.

Sat Apr 18 15:16:29 2009

But, excepting a
few yards of loose earth was the
doleful cry afresh.

Sat Apr 18 15:16:56 2009

I inquired of
the shabby coat, and appeared
going to bear it!

Sat Apr 18 15:17:20 2009

Every one was
active but Miss Cathy shrieked
and stretched out her heart.

Sat Apr 18 15:17:51 2009

Catherine, coupled
with some slight coaxing. A man’s
life is in Heaven.

Sat Apr 18 15:18:20 2009

Catherine looked up
and all, she said, addressing
his advantages.

Sat Apr 18 15:19:12 2009

I attempted to
touch the child on his cheeks, the
fellow. I’ve a change!

Sat Apr 18 15:20:38 2009

I can’t be made to
do with books, since no one will
do better for me.

Sat Apr 18 15:21:21 2009

I concealed the fact.
I’d rather see Edgar at
bay than formerly.

Sat Apr 18 15:21:59 2009

Treachery and I
be a good man, and make a
fiend of existence.

Sat Apr 18 15:23:04 2009

One might suppose you
had not a place where she was
half hidden by him.

Statistically Analyzed Text:
Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

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