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Fri Apr 24 16:16:27-16:23:57 2009 – The Same (The Duel)

April 24, 2009

More of The Same. I’m having fun with this series. Now I’m composing each stanza as a separate Gnoetry session (1 stanza of 8 lines of blank verse) and then putting them together in order. I may end up putting them together as one long poem of discrete stanzas, but for now I like to think in threes as best I can.

The Same (The Duel)

Fri Apr 24 16:16:27-16:23:57 2009

A duel with a wave, fatigue, a cause.
The sea, a bear? Another thing, between
the northern and profound. In these details,
repeated, fertile. One, because the more
remote formations; and the sea, a large
proportion, as exaggerated. Is
the common life, except in any one
formation. As the children of transport.

Another thing, accumulated, by
the leg, in being so. The more perfect,
the most repulsive, of the breeding of
success. A lie, a little patience, all
the same. The plants, in several species of
the forest of sensations, never to
diminish, and the more diversified
in structure from the one in everything.

Again the archipelago. Perhaps
the outer dotted lines, perhaps the sea,
perhaps, together with the pollen from
a human intellect. A lantern, and
preceding forms. The same in all. Perhaps
the trees! Whoever is developed. Is
the wet. The boat completely rigged, transposed.
Another thing, between the males alone.

Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species
Feodor Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground
Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island

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