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The Same – The Common

May 4, 2009

Been out of the loop for a week, now. I’ve got three new sections to put up of “The Same.” It keeps morphing on me (as it should), so we’ll see what comes out thematically with these texts.

Here’s one from last Monday.


The Common
(Mon Apr 27 16:28:09 2009)

perhaps the normal man · submitting to
a certain to · the whole the neighborhood ·
the slaves · the one in that · in some degree ·
the navigation of a man · perhaps
a car · expressive · so prodigious was
produced · seduce the mountain · one · because
the reproductive system · which exists
in this volcano · with a decent man ·

the very center of the island · is
a man in question · to economize
the pine · a few descendants · barricade
the devil · and in one descendant to
return · the very top · the central and
external structure of the island · and
the lower cone · the seeds in pellets or
returning to complain · in old cocoons ·

the common · as the most extreme degree ·
consumption · cockatoos · regardless of
effect · began a compromise · became
the man · perhaps the first eruption · by
the valley of the same · in presence of
the same result · in short · a mountain with
a tail · in both · the embryo · in that
position · there in that · in those in that ·

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  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    May 4, 2009 4:58 pm

    Fantastic–the punctuated format really underscores syntactic ambivalence, which then magnifies the enigmatic signification at work. In "that" "there in that" "in those in that"–that "that"! What is that that? & what's in that that? Once again, Gnoetry portrays our quotidian dilemmas to a tee.

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