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The Cause

May 10, 2009
Again, still, more of The Same:

The Cause
(Thu Apr 30 17:20:00 2009)

the cause · unable to produce a marked
effect · a question of renewing them ·
in their construction · man · submitting to
a distant past · the bottom · and in time ·
in one direction · searched among the rocks
in time · the parallel · successive · as
a rule · the wind in time · the rule · the time
in barking at the same result · in time ·

in action · as the horizontal line
in our hemisphere · the island on
the island is a strange arrangement · as
the shore exposed directly to the plains ·
a bottle · climbing to the arctic and
antarctic regions · must exist · until
the limits of the same conditions · as
the outer world · the very · which results ·

the space between the latest · vanished · by
the new conditions of existence is
the case · the mercy so exhausted · still
in action · or in its conditions · then ·
in order to complete the upper forms ·
the ladder · there in flocks · the point · perhaps
the outer world · perhaps the parent · as
in everything external · a result ·

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