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The Words

May 11, 2009

More of The Same. I’ve decided to stop centering them. They’ve started to look a bit too phallic — not the impression I want to give visually.

The Words
(Thu Apr 30 18:19:02 2009)

a favor · as a favor · these details ·
the words · in order to forgive · composed
the difficulty · to regain the same
specific forms · the answer to the words ·
the distance from the coast already passed ·
in those enormous jaws · the island was
a case · perhaps · the mountains of success
in the dictionary of remorse ·

consider · either case · the island and
the sailor · and a slave · in order to
escape · the facts · the facts · the whole subject ·
in order to proceed along the shore ·
the settlers then approached · the laughter of
the frightened and diversified · towards
the words · in an appearance likely to
occur in this abomination · too ·

the sun · in being felt · the wall · in which
the nestling birds · perhaps · in their retreat ·
embarked in turn · the complex action of
conditions · separates the same · defines
the groups in other words · determines that
the two sometimes become attached · sometimes
prevail · the words · the effort of regret ·
in that a compromise · perhaps · embarked ·

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