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The More (The Same)

May 17, 2009

(Thu May 7 15:48:53 2009)

the more severe · the forms descended from
a false position · incognito · and
in opposition to the beach · define
the several stages of attaining · would
succeed · the most · within a single word ·
the master of the central flowers · and
in great confusion · more ferocious than
the forms descended from a gun · evolved ·

extinction · this advantage of · the more
perfect · the cave in everything · the air
in opposition to accumulate ·
in order to arrive · the very · yes ·
a palace of effect · the simple · and
the more effect · the only being so ·
the cave · the pure · consisted of restraint ·
especially if in both a castaway ·

the wet · the waves · the more · in ridicule ·
the sexes · energetic · barricade
the embryo · the level place · a truce
between the species · each formation of
the worse · the worse the holes in everything ·
in water · standing up · the shore became
congested · and the worse the waves · the more
severe the worse · the deeper and received ·

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