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The Same – The Next

June 8, 2009

The Next
(Mon Jun 8 18:35:11 2009)

the next · the day before · the matter was
directed to another · not a trace ·
behind the eyes · a nest · severely · of
the day before in all directions · and
proceeded to the eye · accustomed to
proceed · in all the rocks · the atmosphere ·
the day in thousands · night arrived · the next ·
the long in going · little by degrees ·

in ruins · situated as before ·
the day in motion · traces of a flash
a very painful one · about a nest ·
petitioned for another · then the day
before · the forehead high · the transit of
alarm · the light in everything · in an
uncertain way · the glass in everything ·
the day before the head · alone · embarked ·

the contents of the first · among the rocks ·
the body to the rocks · towards the day
the first awake · the next · the kernels of
the matter over for a third · towards
the day the rocks were splintered · on a nest ·
preceded by the action of the world ·
in which the fruit · among the ruins · then
resumed · the first · preserved in everything ·

Horatio Alger Jr., Joe The Hotel Boy
Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island
R.M. Ballantyne, Cannibal Islands

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