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The Same – The Trouble

June 11, 2009

The Trouble
(Thu Jun 11 21:59:52 2009)

the trouble · yes · the knowledge of · in these
respects · in full costume · a pleasure from
the urging · and the building and reload ·
the hand in token of concepcion ·
in answer to the truth · attracted by
the simple maidens of concepcion ·
the strange excitement · rushed towards decay ·
a stranger to the future i suppose ·

the skin about the valley · riding by
the stranger · what a tumult of delight ·
the land becomes ignited · and in some
respects · in vain; the stopping of a few
suggestions: when pursued · cajoled · between
the rivals of concepcion · the two
extremes; beneath the lower end · a fruit ·
in which the body was removed · returned ·

the whole in its existence · should agree
in having everything appear · in most
extraordinary manner of the bomb ·
perhaps · in full costume · a stranger · should
agree in being fiercer than before ·
declared in all directions · volunteered ·
throughout the valley · all the knowledge of
the mind a strange appearance and surprise ·

Roger Finlay, The Wonder Island Boys – The Tribesman
Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle
Herman Melville, Typee

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