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The Same – The Wind

June 17, 2009

I’ve been expanding the list of texts being used on this project (The Same) considerably now to fifteen, all from Project Gutenberg. Some combinations of three are more rewarding / pleasing than others and less of a pain to work with. “The Wind” took me a while, and I’m not convinced that the three texts worked too well together. It usually works well to use two island-themed novels in conjunction with another wildcard text, usually philosophical or scientific in a non-island way (Darwin excluded).

Here is “The Wind”:

Tue Jun 16 19:54:45 2009

the wind · a little · while the current of
the ocean was a barrel and a groove
in contradiction to the board · alone
in all the wind · the little left · a groove
in which the seas continued to complain ·
a little thing · in contradiction to
advance · the evil times · the current swept
the countryside · a mile away again ·

a little longer · by the breeze · the squall ·
the bobbing heads · in money · but were gone
away again · the chest · the barrels of
possessions · there were splashes · cocoanuts ·
the weather clear · the sun · the sea upon
the man in money · and the worship · as
the winds directed · and the sea upon
the sand a little way in magnitude ·

the currents doing · through the passage through
the wind · away · a little to the knees ·
the house in hand · a current and a great
desire to secure a hurricane ·
a current like the breaking of the sun
upon another · on the sand · upon
the floor · the bottom of a hurricane ·
the little money now · a little left ·

Jack London, South Sea Tales
Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe
Fannie Louise Apjohn, The Enchanted Island

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