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The Same – The Beach

June 24, 2009

Wed Jun 24 12:21:30 2009

the beach · the doctors of the photograph ·
in there · the root idea of the beach ·
the clear perception of the water and
a fine position there · in view · control ·
the margin of the island · and a break
in an enclosure of the island for
protection · simply to obliterate
the margin of the rushing of events ·

a bottle and the most familiar lips ·
a little finger · everywhere · the root
idea of delight · the night · the smoke ·
along the surf upon the shore · the night ·
across the island · as a thing before ·
returned · the sea before the British and
before the pictures on the beach · the sea
before · the root idea of relief ·

the instance of redemption · only smoke ·
the margin of events · a holiday ·
a fine position · as the night before ·
the effort to remain in everything ·
the root idea of delight · the night
advanced · surrounded by the presence of
the sea · a rush; reduced · upon the beach ·
the moment · steady · wrapped in everything ·

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