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The Ropes

June 27, 2009

Tried to lighten up the tone a bit. Not sure how well it turned out. Oh well.

Thu Jun 25 00:23:24 2009

the ropes · the pockets of the skin · in some
degree · the faithful top · a hat · the first
convenient place · a hut · the voyage was
committed to the present · wait a few ·
a few · perfect · in two canoe along
the strand · the piles · the larder · when the wood ·
already done · besides producing two ·
in short · approved the presence of canoes ·

the voyage · on the seamen’s chests · create
a real affection for sometimes · in some
degree · sixteen · a voyage of a mile
in breadth · the two · in their canoes were there ·
a man · the women · two canoes · in some
convenient place · united · hit the smoke ·
in some · sufficient to capitulate ·
a thousand feet in length · the hut in sight ·

the women · two canoes · the manner and
persuasions of the men · united to
the two · in short · create a great surprise ·
the same position on the floor · the man ·
the place · a bed · consented · two canoes ·
the half a mile in breadth · awake · in some
convenient place · a haughty spirit · some
extraordinary antics · several tons ·

R.M. Ballantyne, Cannibal Islands
Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island
Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe

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