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Some Gnoetry Flarf for Y’all

June 29, 2009

I’m trying to loosen up a bit. The Same has been really demanding and increasingly serious in tone and content. I’m on vacation! And a little manic! So here’s some Flarf.

First You’d Have to Make Her Feel It
Mon Jun 29 21:25:57 2009

As with a felony, each day, hot belly and the phone
off the web is the heroic attempt of puberty,

having no connection to and started having sex.
But in my life carefully controlled and refined

sex. Though the men are better advised to
employ slaves; go to video display. I mean it’s

all very chop chop. As we’ve seen, our
data might play teeter or seesaw, or do they

just shoot all they want to. The content, sir,
walked over to Microsoft. Oil is indeed a

woman’s work, carrying away his prize, as
it appears, Greek style. This wedding excites me because

I’m in the Manga market. This is a completely new kind
of statement made by the dog as samples, indirect

blocks are insufferable. The problem really is stored in the
argument bar. Great animal instinct, we go

to the sentimental qualities of mankind and
minimize them with pony and lawyers, architects, and

the antique furniture everywhere was up
to their red asses and mysterious.

Qzxrt, Aristocrats: Banned In Hell (uncensored)
Edited eRoK7 – VA, His & Hers Sources (Blog – Web)
Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture
The Internet, Linux HOWTOs

Put Your Finger on Parole
Mon Jun 29 22:06:00 2009

Meat and abnormalities.
The best means
of working people

from catching
the spark of virtuous
character, I

love the act of hunting,
a part of
I, black and

white supersonic
wave to me,
great was my boy’s skates,

OK. The
constant flow
of crude. Blow for them in

sleep your brain
is called “The Dick,” and shakes

off, maybe a
nice pump to bring forth life
in Germany.

Qzxrt, Aristocrats: Banned In Hell (uncensored)
VA, Birth Source Text
Edited eRoK7 – VA, His & Hers Sources (Blog – Web)
Woods Hutchinson, The Child’s Day

Gold Pimp Shit that Needs no Remedy
Mon Jun 29 22:28:01 2009

A bitch, to stay sober and
preposterous. The
addiction strategy
is just my body was

hard as Puritanism, on my back
to a drunkard or
criminal, if it’s a feminist
poem of desire. I am

not able to eat me. I’ve told
this story. Man’s love
is merciless: as
a queen, the love is unimpeachable.

Qzxrt, Aristocrats: Banned In Hell (uncensored)
Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture
Edited eRoK7 – VA, His & Hers Sources (Blog – Web)

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