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July 30, 2009

I like that phrase “tunnel of meaning.” Nice.

But I do think that there is something significant to the situation that Gnoetry provides the end-user/author. While I was working with Heart of Darkness, I constantly felt the pull of the words’ history, and it almost felt like I was wrestling with the original connotations and contexts of the words, often having to choose between whether to keep or alter their original intentions. This often depended upon my sense of what new context(s) had been brought about through the program’s decontextualization. I think it is good to call this an act of recontextualization, and the possibilities available through Gnoetry for this act are vast, and limited as much by the source text(s) as the end-user’s knowledge and imagination (or wit, even).

With the series I’m working on now, The Same, I’m working with signification and meaning-making in a more opaque fashion than before. Without personal or possessive pronouns, the meanings of mostly nouns, verbs and phrases are framed within the web of relationships to those that surround them, often developing in complexity as the poem progresses. Repetition, variation and word play become the most important for the reader to take some impression from each poem. I have tried for each section to affect some comprehension that is beyond the words or meanings used to bring it about. The poem “The Beach” is not essentially about the beach, or photography, or images of paradise. The reader should find some place to rest within (or in contrast to) the web of meanings and statements presented, and I feel that this place will be one more of clarity and significance than of confusion of vagueness.

I believe comprehension of signification’s complexity and flexibility is important to the development of wisdom, or a sense of presence beyond conceptual frames. I think this relates to the loosening of “meaning governance,” but I’ve run out of the mental energy to come up anything purposeful to say about this.

Could you say more about “meaning governance” and your position towards it? I think that would be an important conversation to have on this blog.

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