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The Seed – Thu Jul 30 11:01:45 2009

August 6, 2009

I’ve begun to think of what we’re doing with Gnoetry (in general) as not just a form of composition, but also a unique form of poetic improvisation, with gnoetry functioning in this metaphor much like a musical instrument. I won’t go any further with that idea right now (it might become ridiculous), but I may later.

I’m without a stable internet connection in the apartment I’m staying at in Brooklyn, and the poems are piling up. So here’s one more installment of The Same:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

the seed · a prospect of the island as
the two extremes · within the sexes · and
admired · may produce the kingdom and
the great external things · the palace with
a little spring · between the trees · the coast ·
a lovely place · a little river · now
a double canon · and the echoes made
the island where the mother is convex ·

the population · it began · in this
forsaken · solitary island · as
the night before the coming of the fear ·
the two extremes · between the sexes · and
the two extremes · between the trees · in which
were quite a distance from the island as
the rain · the wind · the food · the water all
around the palace gates · the seed · away ·

in its ascent · in all directions · as
a passing over · this confusion of
a wife in private as a wedding gift ·
a man in love · canals · assisted by
the stars in their perfection · there were tied ·
behind the trees · the two extremes · upon
the breeze · the seed · devices to secure
the seed · in its ascent · in these elect ·

H.G. Wells, A Modern Utopia
Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe
Fannie Louise Apjohn, The Enchanted Island

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