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That Subject Lute

August 7, 2009

Matthias Regan ( a great ally of and thinker on Gnoetry) a few years back started to think of Gnoetry along musical lines, saying that it comes very close to Coleridge’s and the Romantics’ “subject lute” that stands in the breeze and captures wind into song. The end-user is the in- and ex-piration, perhaps. Also, an addition to the program was made, again based upon a comment by Matthias Regan. That the end-user should be allowed to “turn up the volume” on a particular text, having it become a sort of lead singer, while the other texts act as the Pips to the lead-text’s Gladys Knight.

I think that it is fruitful to think of Gnoetry as a poetical and hence musical instrument.

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