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The Diagram – Thu Aug 6 00:23:24 2009

August 8, 2009

the diagram · another species of
remembrance · as the whole proceedings · on
the thickest was resolved · in structure · stands ·
a great advantage to describe · a good
idea · so · employed in several parts ·
in order made · in an advantage by
the look · the most convenient end · in and
about the body and behind · described ·

a good idea · but a kind · preserved
in an extraordinary manner · for
the best adapted to the nails · the like
in others · that the people are preserved ·
a house in cogitation · and were kind ·
in this employment · radiating · as
the union of the best adapted to
the standard of perfection will produce ·

the people are alike · in dwelling on
details · upon the recollection of
the dead · the living species will produce ·
the land · the bud · again · a fit · a good
idea · so · in many parts · the same
formation · vary · that the nest · produced
in such a nature · with the structure of
the night before · the new conditions · stands ·

Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels
Robert Louis Stevenson, Island Nights’ Entertainments
Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species

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