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The Natives – Tue Aug 4 01:51:52 2009

August 8, 2009

the natives · and the first awake · received
a great enormous breakfast · and marines ·
amidst the products of the trees · the dead
flamingo · after being skinned · arranged
the morning · brightly with the bones · the skins
the better part alone · in danger · and
in view · the natives of the sky above ·
were cherries · bloody · terrified · embarked ·

the skin · the scientific men · the flesh
belonging to the king · amidst the air
the dead flamingo · on the cliff · the moon ·
in power and in great delight · received
the name · the natives of the air above
the level of the tree · the natives of
the entrance of the french · the rocks along
the southern species · now submerged · retired ·

a species of the angry sea · the plates ·
divide the manufacture of events ·
the natives of effect · beyond the name ·
the same · beneath the beak · peculiar to
the gap · a hole in which the natives of
the skin · in which the heat · the fruit · about
the shore became detached · embarked · among
the rocks were satisfied · remained unhurt ·

Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island
Johann David Wyss, Swiss Family Robinson
R.M. Ballantyne, Cannibal Island

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