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The Circuit – Tue Sep 1 09:42:30 2009

September 1, 2009

the circuit · of the future as a jail ·
the present moment · of the weary of
the human wreckage · to relent · the will
become a yoke · the will · unsettled · of
the artificial · of the circuit · of
the worship · either · of the fever and
delight · abundance of explosion · with
a thousand hands · unsteady · and benign ·

the current feeling of existence · like
a picture will become a telescope ·
the only thing in imitation of
a god therein · perhaps a will · alone
in token of the living thing · a good
conclusion · after such a failure · with
revenge · against the future · ever to
become a homage · to restore the first ·

the present moment · when a blessing and
a terror is the same · the future as
a hostage · bullet · bang · the absence of
affairs · the recreation of the same ·
the people · unconcerned · the silent as
the rest were dead · the men were to become
a paddle · splashes that were left · the will
become a verbal game · in such a yoke ·

Samuel Butler, Erewhon
Jack London, South Sea Tales
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra

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