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The Less – Wed Sep 2 12:13:13 2009

September 2, 2009

the less a person · and the like enough ·
in order to avoid the perils of
enjoyment · to advance · a language which
produced the number of the same · the one
in which the common value · to proceed ·
the cruel and absurd · the one in one
direction · as a pillow · but the end
a circuit through the interests of a will ·

the same in person · by the terror of
the rest · reclining · sitting down · perhaps
a little puzzled to devise the means
whereby the disappointment · all were · not
in all along · in like enough · alone
in life · the malcontents · the language to
omit · the other for consumption · was
the only means a person could suggest ·

at length consented · all were all in all
the little shrine supported by the seen ·
unarmed · the object of appearance · was
a little less · below the level of
appeal · the only people who were still
in all directions · and the like · were at
the end become unserviceable · by
the terror of the rest were as enslaved ·

Samuel Butler, Erewhon
Herman Melville, Typee
Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island

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