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The Best – Wed Sep 16 13:04:22 2009

September 16, 2009

the best · the simplest and the superfluous ·
the very heart · a realization of
delight · the snatches of the world · the best ·
another illustration · on a white
reflecting surface · do according to
the one · within the ladies · foxy · do
the best in combination · then the best
in parting · when the honey is perfect ·

the night the moon arose · enraptured · as
a rush · the jungle fever · took delight
in combination · oh · the valleys and
assesses · ah · the loving ones · around
the oyster · covered with the multitude ·
a breath · a little more · a moment · veiled
in man · forgetting and escaped · the best
in earnest · for a moment more the best ·

the world become perfect · a pleasure to
the soul in imitation of the best ·
the proper hands · around the body and
the body of the way in full · absorbed
in gratitude · the best · the knowledge of
the end a realization of the best ·
outstretched · a simple one · the great relief ·
in all directions · come in gratitude ·

Horatio Alger Jr., Joe The Hotel Boy
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra
Roger Finlay, The Wonder Island Boys – The Tribesman

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