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The Limits – Fri Oct 2 19:50:27 2009

October 6, 2009

the limits of successive moments of
expression · by the absolute maintains
relations · first · the nature of a form ·
the full extent permitted by the first
beginning of compliance · is alive ·
in danger of forgetting · are employed
in dealing with a contradiction · and
the desperate effort to evaporate ·

the limit of a moment · longing to
occur in other words · the wildness and
the brightness of the mood · in danger of
ignoring · there were fluids pent within
the proper bounds · a contradiction is
a mere anachronism and depressed ·
a buoyant disposition · and upon
a higher penetration · is alive ·

a chain · the limit of a body at
the object of affection · feeling is
the same in all directions · and reward
in making no results · the glory of
the action · or the fashion of affairs ·
complying with the power of a thing
originates · in one · together with
the others · something is articulate ·

William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Fannie Louise Apjohn, The Enchanted Island

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