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The Fundamental – Fri Oct 16 18:52:08 2009

October 16, 2009

the fundamental notion of bamboo ·
prolongs the smaller waterfalls · reversed
in space · engaged in time · becoming · that
the habit of perception is a more
annoying one · in rude progression · laid
in alternating layers of bamboo ·
elated with the light in hand · prolongs
the contemplation of the gulf beneath ·

reprinted from the kernel of the great
pacific ocean · take a number is
correct · the polished surface of bamboo ·
the points · unchanging · this perspective with
the wood · a bath in metaphysics · and
a quarter thick · the kernels of the faint
reflection of a tree · concerning which
appears · permitted to exaggerate ·

the sea a swiftness · and the small cascades ·
in one perspective to another · as
a given thing in life · the harbour at
the centre of the torrent · which appear
in their effects · consisting of the world ·
the whole apparent intuition · is
a long ascent in introspection · or
a bath in dreams · until the monsters sleep ·

Bertrand Russell, Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays
Herman Melville, Typee
R.M. Ballantyne, Cannibal Islands

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