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6x6x6 – Two Poems

October 29, 2009

Two months ago I started a side project aimed at the journal 6×6 which I called 6x6x6. I completely forgot about it. The whole conception of the project is shameful, kitschy, and panders to the basest desires for print publication, which makes it easier for me to not give a fuck at all about it. Here are two of them that I took the time to finish today.

BTW, I didn’t think about the sign of the beast thing until just a few minutes ago, but it suits the poems well, I think. ;)


Where’s Your Daughter?
Sat Aug 29 15:04:33 2009 – Thu Oct 29 14:52:23 2009

“Where’s your daughter,” her hands
in her center, the ears
are singing, the little
weapon which will drink? “Much
love (historically)
studying the ass, sir.”

The hormones (as in a
kind of sauce), the young man,
rich, abundant breasts, a
tendency to breakfast
in a sperm egg, perhaps?

Regarding this, I make
her look like Satan, or
is it that (it is) that
panic will spread through the
scattered knots of people
who read this idea?

She learned how to put out
(and in!), column of black,
curly hair. Meat man: “Oh
my mastiff! You put out
too, and the sex was like
a walk in Lebanon.”

Dashed painful, “I just love
the little crises that
are worn together!” A
lot of alcohol, the
fine cheeses, fruit and strong
woman with scorpions.

Note: “Oh no!” Once she has
lain down with Miguel and
zucchini. Dolls creep me
out… booming sound, like one
thing to people who had
one. Sarah palin, too.


Good, Positive and Uncomplicated
Sat Aug 29 14:43:03 2009

What better quality,
promise technology,
promise driver floppy
is inspirational.
Yet another way to
be free! Let children be

children, and feed on my
machine, configure it
to the taste of the soul.
His intercourse with a
single screen, she ensnared
mankind with the stock in

the womb. Egg after an
informal survey, it’s
synopsis is printed
as OK, or not good
with bad apples, the way
my new favorite thing

is good, positive and
uncomplicated, but
is not available.
Creating authentic,
consensual, reduced
to be offered, to be

formed and alive. Take it,
everyone has turned. Egg
after a wonderful
platform, no weight, people
with little housing or
food. Easy to get the

latest versions and to
see what harmony, what
is their trade imbalance.
Thus architecture is
called an aggregate if
equal to Rwanda.

P. G. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves
Woods Hutchinson, The Child’s Day
VA, Birth Source Text
Various Authors (Ed. EScovel), His $ Hers Sources
Sax Rohmer, The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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