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November 1, 2009

Added a few other texts to this batch for kicks, so they probably won’t make the cut. Seem to be something else entirely, but thought I’d post them any-old-ways.


Many many tickle
the largest in the temple

the victim of its
pictorial form, and choose for the

use value of love (it is not
the facts) in a land a land a

meadow, abolishing the void.
Listen to every part

of the archive. This makes
of a seated figure, a way in.


An old mountain is more than
a referendum. The girls

stood outside the camp, while
we smashed the windows of my love.

I believe I am glad of
it. Let us call this a free and

lofty spirit, a simple
inversion of the moon and

motion, everywhere. Ah! — My
dear Frankenstein, USA.


I am Detroit, so full
of size but nothing else.

What path to the free calendars?
Hapless victims to burnish a cloud

not to change with the slow advance
of it. The subjective forms of

radical change are a space
which must already be measured.


My wanderings were spoiled
by the various lakes of

rubber. Of course, this is
not made of value, memory is

just a little piece, and it just
being certain, ceases; a slight

restraint, penniless, fractures
of events. We came to have a

standstill and waited for
our employment. It was there.


The servant presently
brought breakfast. At best, when

I vote, the system is
a constant. Yes, my kind host; to be crushed.

By degrees, supposing
a cramped space might be viewed as more.

I say that I wandered like an
ogre. Though it is really a

matter of our dear
children having come forward.


Drool glistening in the
symbols and all who are there.

The mass street protests are
an allusion to whose knees I clung

to, in which the elite run
their story along with pictures.

Is there a desire to my
machinations, squats, wildcat

strikes? Any wet place is
lighter. I felt sick as fuck.


It is better to die
on your feet than live on your

account. A tour of the
ruins, a mediation of some

undiscovered island, where
almost any one would want to

go. That which makes it art
is false; I grew alarmed

as the same applies to
negation, etc.

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