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6x6x6 – Two Poems

November 12, 2009

Two more fantastical poems in 6X6X6 form. Enjoy!!!


Devastating Scenes at the End in the Ass

Fire lots of them or
freeze to kill more people.
The couch, the conditions
were beautiful. I’m still
sick of ideals, most think
differently and killed with

pleasure, say let’s fuck the
World Trade Center, for she
was robbed of everything,
but the slew of breeding
altered dogs that are left
lying on her. We all

can avoid danger, and
shove tail sections of a
generation or two.
No surrounding landscape,
no televisions, no
flights to the buttocks, just

the devastating scenes
at the end in the ass,
where i’m pretty sure it’s
beautiful. Cal, Sarah
Palin and Crack Law Drug
Warrior Mastercard

Czar Biden, I’d like to
urinate, but I just
want to be feared. Does it
do nothing to piss on
extremism, and shove
tail sections of solid

gold? The bubbles float on
homophobia, and
data, like some kind of
a beautiful woman
with a butter knife, socks.


The Story of My Income
Thu Nov 12 18:40:11 2009

The new comedy will
focus on the barren
dust of tanks and weapons
upgrades. The story of
my income. This planet,
smoking in a sort of

vegetation. As the
hot dog, a living room
on fire. The help of
kittens. Moreover the
of kittens. I might be

able to heat up like
a pasha and take her
sweat slick body and soul.
The help of vagina
on computers around
the rim of hair, which was

to set fire to the
convention center with
life jackets on, barely
visible across it.
millions of square miles of

ruined neighborhoods, it
is a savage, like the
heart of Brownie, his small
one, naturally so
tiny. The average
day on the crest of an

change. Located near the
fireplace. Desire
and anticipation.
I am very concerned
about the parade there.

One Comment leave one →
  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    November 15, 2009 10:31 pm

    "I'd like to/urinate, but I just/want to be feared" is an instant classic.

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