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6x6x6 – One Poem

November 18, 2009

Reviving The Stone Age
Fri Nov 13 00:38:59 2009

Not phenomenal. The
lovemaking was more than
a critique of structured
market policy, the
skirt because she liked the
feel of warm skin next to

the corporate sector
authority. Using
a technology that
was gay, lesbian, and
repression. It was for
Pierre, the air, that smells

wonderful. He is at
war with their long embrace.
In our waters! I
am thankful those people
are carnivorous, the
girls eventually

awoke from reviving
the stone age. No means the
two are about to fuck
him. The sperm was absurd.
The sperm was pumped out of
the planet. They fucked the

tiny breasts of being.
They cut off the fetters
of everything. These huge
creatures used their youth to
chase after bad boys who
negotiated the

little stream and drank the
salty flavor of love
letters, and for the World
Trade Center, Paradise
City added to the
rest of experience.

VA, Birth Source Text
VA, Alien SciFi Sex Fictions
Various Authors (Ed. EScovel), His $ Hers Sources
Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture
Qzxrt, Aristocrats: Banned In Hell (uncensored)
Immanuel Kant (trans. Meiklejohn), The Critique of Pure Reason

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