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6x6x6 – Two Poems

November 18, 2009

Practical Tips For Rainbow Guacamole Dick
Wed Nov 18 00:05:05 2009

That is because they need.
This is the liver, its
baby blue rubber boots
are the snags: hello, all
naked, imagine that
bad joke. Crowbar is a

mystery, mommy, or
please me. More up to plug
the parenthesis, a
great fuck. It grieves me up
tight, no one will ever
make the document that

will become weaker and
weaker, oblivious
to the beautiful in
fact, I promise you it
is very sexy and
unalterable. That

is why it’s so hard as
he says to undress. I
suppose he wouldn’t be
too big for me. It was
shining, if cans, cans for
today, rainbows, and lay

on top. Practical tips
to help combat boredom.
For young men who were both
stark naked, rubbing it
firmly behind his own
good guacamole, he

starts to lick, lick it. Then
the meat had entered, the
forbidden dick of the
pussy. I really care
if I don’t really
care about anything.


Not Very Different With A Vengeance
Wed Nov 18 01:05:20 2009

Ok… you want to smoke
and talk about what just
occurred. Don’t care. I just
want her strong urine, she
uses some french perfume
there and water. That way

I truly care about
this, it is soft and more
of a word or long word.
Testicle will totter.
I love when real love is
like warm piss! Test it now

leave. What followed was not
very different with
a vengeance; and so on
down. Sasha and kim’s tongue
plunged in oriental
or ears, berries. And you

get what you wrote, theory
of childbirth, keep pushing.
It’s written and pushing
my cock, my boss is black,
dyed black, soft lips and eyes
that can be upgraded.

Easy, unusual
and clean. The pain of death
twice a week, when we want,
aphasia said no to
your mouth! It is not good
anyway. Fresh and cooked

fruits and flowers and an
ass like frankie. The fruit
and flowers. She had an
erection at the huge
forked sticks driven into
prostitution by you!

VA, Birth Source Text
The Internet, Indian Erotica
The Internet, Linux HOWTOs
Woods Hutchinson, The Child’s Day
Edited eRoK7 – VA, His & Hers Sources (Blog – Web)
VA, Alien SciFi Sex Fictions

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