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Another Heart of Darkness “Sonnet”

December 1, 2009

Yeah, it’s 14 lines. Nothing of a song in this, is there. Just play. Get over it.

I’m making a video demo of Gnoetry using a screen capture program to use in a workshop lecture. I recorded the 18 minute long creation of this masterpiece. The video is all jumpy and messed up, though. When I get a good one, I put it up on YouTube and link to it here.

Tue Dec  1 02:01:37 2009

Professor Randolf is an eccentric millionaire explorer...

It pacified me, was bulging
with cartridges, confident,
as if you try to take me, as
if sliding in greased grooves.  On my back,
a light alpaca jacket and a feather
hat, patches on account of
their backgrounds, upon the river, stretching
bare of moonshine.  Lights of ships chains and tackle
leaped, my back to a battlefield.  I blinked,
the same people, concentrated, not
extraordinary in any way.  That,
incomprehensible, which is the last word
of despondency, the old
mud wall peeping above the invisible.

Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

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