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6x6x6 – One Poem

December 5, 2009

Decadent, Elitist and Appropriate

My father skinned them and
shoved them here.  The mother
of all the slaves was a
fixture in the mother-
ship, illustration on
page six or so.  The two

black youths walking robots
were being made love to
by their grandmas.  The dog
in the dark side of me
felt glad that we can shut
up and let the sunshine.

The furs and women are
decadent, elitist
and appropriate, due
to all the looting of
the white supremacists,
and the little wrecked home

decorators, sneaker
manufacturers, in
a dank bathroom, flushed with
anger.  The lesson is
political, just to
load up your ass, come and

take me, anything you
want, want to become more
human?  The wolf is a
divine fragment, plumbing.
It is.  The cries of the
subject.  The father seems

to have never been so
frenzied with pleasure and
pain, the little puppy,
the song “Barbie Girl.”  The
dog.  He is a puppy
to antidepressants.

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