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Sublime Stein

December 6, 2009

Am working on some Renga using Stein’s Tender Buttons and On the Sublime by Longinus:  metaphysically nouny…

Sun Dec  6 12:46:10 2009

It was not misplaced,
it soothes medicine.  I mean
the use of coffee

is the current of moving
incidents, those who listen

to a need.  Or in
gallons of milk water, it
has raised a color.


Sun Dec  6 12:47:16 2009

The time to press more
air.  Currents, currents are not
they are made and so

low, so much as by the men,
the very best men.  A piece

of subtlety all
the mountain felt the god.  But
we are committees.


Sun Dec  6 12:48:38 2009

A peaceful life to
a subject.  Cut cut in white
in white widening.

It is it, alas the same
thing that has turned the brain of

nearly all that is
doubtless a sublime thought, as
it were in disguise.

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