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6x6x6 – One Poem

December 15, 2009

A Hole, But Without Any Conditions

Tue Dec 15 19:14:44 2009

The hard part, soft hairs, and
the cinematic and
manufacture, by which
form above all things black
and white, the practical
life, University

of Alan Greenspan who
opened the asses of
lubrication, managed
to get his head in a
very soft animal
documentary.  As

social mediation
between form and ass. As
every spurt of a
neighbor.  As an obscure
poem published in two
essays but are only

just coincidences.
As a hole.  But without
any conditions.  Just
as her down on him with
righteous spite, I must say
charitable, style is

catharsis, romantic.
As when I got wood, like
Bill Ashcroft, Jesus, the
asses of tradition.
On Christmas when the black
race, gender and sex of

society will all
come in the ass, stop and
talk about life. I ask
myself if I am the
King of Pop, how come on
the sheets, all white color.

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