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Singing of a Vague Description

December 21, 2009

In answer to a place, a man.  A man,
a man.  The truth.  The singing of a vague
description, from the fact remains, the slave,
in Talbot County, and a willing hand.

In writing to a hungry man.  The facts
in his endeavors to escape.  The slave.
The whole transaction.  This in jail.  The fact
remains, in such a place, a slave!  The slave.

In bonds, were all subjected to the slave.
The most pathetic tone.  The slave.  The mere
recurrence to annihilate the whole
affair.  The whole transaction.  I, the slave.


The most debasing homage of the time
in his employment, I remained a slave
in fact.  The former where the lion, where
the lion, where the latter on upon

the other, an afflicted spirit, and
the deepest sadness.  Our knowledge of
the sun.  Her name.  The moral, and within
the circle; so, before a few, between

the first, were placed in this, in silence, while
in many cases, when the money that
remained.  The north, in all the evils of
a number of petitions from the slave.

Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

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