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6x6x6 – Two Poems

December 23, 2009

New source texts added to the mix. I’m really starting to enjoy these.


A Gorilla & Pipe Organ, Squeezing It Through Space

The spacers, chewing on
this mother til you choke,
up scrooge and grind.  I shit
large chunks of business wealth
and income, they earn when
I wake up massaging

my prostate tingle.  The
actually became
a bisexual, was
toying with the roses,
shit had to be worked to

get a passport.  The moon,
stretching out of my ass,
airlines are swallowing
the babies, man, that huge
muscular swipe.  This book
is actually a

gorilla and a pipe
organ, squeezing it through
space for the securing
of liberalism.
Scrooge would reply, “Yes Mam,
my ass, pump me with a

bottle of champagne, or
a python, dressed in girls
gym attire,” and “I
want to be the girl’s ass
fucking that,” Mr. Scrooge
would reply, merry old

soul.  Under the book three
spatial dimensions form
a kind of furniture,
his nuts tenderly as
ever.  Not a major
life change operation.


The End of the Embryo Heart, Liver, Guts

God of Pleasure, I want
to stay in orbit and
evade an entire
industry devoted
to Megan’s nipple shields.
Naturally tight, I’m

delighted in a sperm
or plausibility.
Scrooge followed to the earth,
his heavy balls rolling
against the seemingly
endless information.

We watched his massive balls
surge.  Freud was clearly a
nice big fat cock stuffed in
carriages, whence it is
our privilege to be
taken forever and

forever.  The pain slut,
Austin Powers, under
the horse I greased up.  There
are varying ranges
of luxury, growing
ever larger, each with

a muscular tongue and
finger, marketing the
horny stallion to the
lobby.  I feel as if
the government promised
to fuck the entire

planet.  This is the end
of the embryo heart,
liver, guts, gesturing
to the unconscious men
attempting to be fed
to the multitudes, nude.

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  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    December 23, 2009 11:27 pm

    These are fantastic; it’s so rare to read genuinely funny poems that are socially edged. Nice!

  2. December 28, 2009 4:41 pm

    I’m in agreement here. The new texts really make these come to life for me. They are surprisingly coherent, seem to poke the body politic in all its horrifying/absurd holes, yet are less dense than some of the earlier 6×6’s.

    Love the play on “taken” happening here:

    “Freud was clearly a nice big fat cock stuffed in carriages, whence it is our privilege to be taken forever and forever.”

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