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6x6x6 – Two Poems

January 9, 2010

The Message of the Liberal

Terminal vagueness is
evoking a brutal
and masculine physique
being fucked by such terms
as imagination

and productivity.
Why am I enjoying
myself!?  Natural death
from machines, let us then
make a protein membrane,
so a continuum

of protective pairing
can be developed.  By
now in the developed
world, inasmuch as we
can expect less of dense
constellations of Zen,

all come is Christian.  By
confining itself to
suck, he quickly came to
relax and enjoy the
sensation of childbirth,
most escort services

are often eaten by
predators like the first
class cock lovingly.  Thus
feminist thinking tries
to supplement the sperm
spraying them.  This month, let’s

suck her ass.  The message
of the liberal, when
the essence of the twins
sucked his penis and Pam
started to fry again,
side by side on paper.


No Arms, Dusty, The Pink Feathered Creatures

No thought was no anal
canal.  On the way down
his friend’s mouth made a new
town whore, while I milked the
three students who didn’t
particularly like

to read, their huge eyes bulged,
almost black with ants, a
shame they hated robots
and architecture.  We
shall be surely stoned, or
masturbated, as we

have no arms, dusty, the
pink feathered creatures have
ruptured, or diseases
increases such as clamps
that were covered with a
magnet.  Nurse Chapelle was

a teeny bit too!  We
talked.  She wiped her ass while
kneading, rubbing it for
me … three men get busy
rubbing it, exciting.
I understand that from

this point on the screen shows
the enemy.  They lined
up, stroking the cock in
her pants as she looked like
an equal.  It was like
seventeen inches in

hiding.  Anna smeared the
jelly on my chest, I’m …
oh fuck girl, girl talk, I’m
going to die.  A group
of meteors that come
out of the rubber shaft.

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