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6x6x6 – One Poem

January 13, 2010

Giant Black Barbie Head with Embarrassment

You should have been a slave.
The only people are.
And entertainment, which
opened the way bitch, this
way, The Birdcage, my gosh,
yes, I love you stay in

Philadelphia.  The
girl sighed and kissed the World
Trade Center, or resale
as a culture, the new
world by yourself.  If it
consumes, sweaty slit of

her pussy was wet with
saliva, smiling.  The
looters and Virgil.  The
exception in this War
on Iraq, and when we
see how good?  That is to

say something like poor Dad,
he said early on “I
want a nice gigantic
bowl of milk from Kelly’s
ass, fuck this shit, what’s the
ramifications?  Do

we replicate the core
of our lives?  The hard
shaft?” and shakes his head like
a giant black Barbie
head with embarrassment
at having survived his

I am working life, to
go deeper and more and
more.  The family could
enjoy the work, the same
firm globes of everyone.

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