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With Love From

January 21, 2010

This afternoon, I started fleshing out an idea I’ve had for a little while. Instead of using well-known texts, the following two short poems were written using Mchain and, as source texts, collected emails to me from two different friends. Eventually, I would like to combine individuals’ emails into groups, but for the time being, each poem sources only the titular individual’s emails and no one else’s.

We’ll see.

1. Andrew

In this December?
I really do have love · to be plucked
likely in magnolia · too early to know
(perhaps · perhaps not)

I need your counsel!

Inheriting land
and all of the engagement story
as adventurously as possible,
looking to think · the perfect setting.

Looking forward
to laughs
upon laughs
upon laughs too.

I hope to hear Him
“It is never to ease the cost of getting.”

Blessings · to the deep marrow · brother


2. Erica

Come! You always have had no idea.
Of my beautiful daughter
I will write more personal later.
I don’t really feel bad.

Call me · I am in town etc etc · Please please
I can’t wait to meet · when you will be honest
(but please don’t see me carefully)

I have been an encouragement
in all, easy · not too excited
love you a pic · last minute
(I wanted to New York)

For ever and never · want her · little girl
I guess you never know
(I want you · to be here · and never want you)

The point is here · you can make it off
Precious · Love you · (will be here)


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  1. erogk7 permalink
    January 22, 2010 11:32 pm

    Nice, Matthew! The individual and distinct tones of each of the poems come through clearly and add an addition level to this project of yours. It has a personal feeling that is very appealing, and which is very much the core of the project. Using the e-mails of each individual was a good idea.

    I’d like to know more about how you are using mchain in conjunction with gnoetry and what you think this does to the final results in gnoetry. Are you running the source text e-mails through mchain several times and then putting all of that through gnoetry? That would give you a lot more option (I can only assume) from gnoetry. I’m really curious about this.

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