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6x6x6 – One Poem

January 26, 2010

Best Fuck in the Firefight

The guards tell the golden
shower to rinse and spit
on, helicopters in
action.  In love with a
biohazard suit, they
be totally wrecked with

tangled hair out of the
dead bodies.  Write poems.
This official treatment
was like a shit phone as
far as Doc informed me
to.  She maintains a large

whirlpool style tub.  The hot
juice formed a soft little
genocide that circled
her growing erection,
laminated, the best
fuck in the firefight waxed

on ass.  Slaves are being
squeezed slowly into her
thin panties and smashed, and
tortured, and still fucking,
making millions on a
jungle planet, real or

apparent gain purchase
quickly filling the slot,
thereby freeing them from
now on.  Karma was looped
on coffee beans.  That’s a
penis into my wrist

in both senses, mind and
others, from her armpit
and down.  She later thought,
“I’ve been reduced to a
market mom.  Fuck me with
a hard fucking motion.”

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