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6x6x6 – One Poem

January 27, 2010

Interpreting the Death Drive

Click here. That’s just fine. The
jets of cum oozed over
the last of his fingers,
and rose half out, his hot
thick cum formed a line like
a diabetic, sweet

and seminar. Level
one interrogations
are extremely intense
happiness, culture is
so depraved, she squeezed his
genitals with her mouth.

Karma then dropped his huge
balls and everything for
interpreting the death
drive. He told her that she
was raped and killed because
she had a degree. Then

the camera moves up
close to the girl, short black
hair, white pants. He stiffened,
then the first miracle
happened. I am so wet
and I cannot live with

this, how she was killed by
a white man for a job
offer, just for a mind
blowing wasted dreamland.
Titfucking their asses,
nothing is ever done!

In Detroit at least she
was tied up right in front
of me. What runs through the
tight confines of his life,
eating organic food
and experimenting?

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