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6x6x6 – One Poem

January 29, 2010

Roasted, Rosy and Tender

The dog has a horse cock,
M1ck3y.  According to
my ass fully opened,
the very urge is an
act of birth, motherhood
has become so extreme

as to insist that a
little taste of a man’s
cock should be able to
steal their babies.  Unlike
a pussy. Everything
smelled like turkey, as wives

and children were all strapped
and manageable, yes
pet, don’t forget, you can
use the toilet after
each deposit, almost
like bacteria.  The

kittens along with a
black janitor began
licking and sucking at
the same time.  She was too
high, slapped with a wad and
spread the spunk like lotion

into her thighs.  Bush and
Blair are personally
responsible for her
tummy, sending the still
hot loads into her mouth,
“Our treat,” roasted, rosy

and tender, inner and
outer rim of power,
Dixie is covered with
shit to orgasm.  Not
a parody of life.
“Ah,” said P00h.  “Much better.”

Note: To protect the innocent (if anyone that uses the internet can possibly be innocent), and for those parents without blocking software, I have replaced the names of D15n3y characters with their LEET SPEAK (1337) equivalents. You should be able to figure it out.

Question: Did I really need to do this? I’m uncertain now. Sigh.

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