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6x6x6 – Let Him Fuck, I Work at Starbucks

February 2, 2010

Hi, Thank you Jesus for
the most romantic of
rebellions… it was sin.
Each night to be used as
fuck toys and vegetables
to feed the homeless, in

candlelight, on the Ass
Channel.  Get some earplugs
and information and
butt plugs from Canada.
I’ve always been pretty
well, I’m already tied

down to write down the new
way to get down.  I sucked
his cock meat out of his
massive meat wagon.  The
mother dead, bereft of
course, the fact that death is

alright.  Taser the girl’s
asses and be dead, may
need warm shower, I am
beginning afresh.  Brown
and smooth and sweat: George bush,
clutching the two black men

from Montreal, feels free.
Let him fuck, I work at
Starbucks, waiting for gang
rape and abuse.  It seems
to indicate a new
ethics that will focus

on Venus with a cock
piercing my gut.  I want
to feel things out with his
wife and children.  Why does
everyone feel that good
feeling?  Call me tonight.

One Comment leave one →
  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    February 8, 2010 4:04 pm

    Perhaps the best poem title of this century so far…

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