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6x6x6 – The Obscene Urge or Something as Obvious

February 5, 2010

They have seduced you.  “Just
keep it in, you are now
nothing.”  Brown sugar, I
draw the deepest forms of
menstruation, the white
cloth, the screw in disguise.

They woke me up.  “Go and
urinate.”  I do not
have intercourse.  I breathed
in, new markets and the
aims of injustice and
entropy.  I talked with

her legs and cried, with her
tongue out.  I found her, the
obscene urge to hump her.
This thought in that line came
in.  In between.  Not me,
if only for wasting

the pirate fucking white
trash crack whore or something
as obvious as an
actress.  I was lightly
licked up and began to
wank their pricks out.  They meet,

the womb neck around the
baby boomers drops their
end of the cock.  With the
shell and pearls found in his
own face, mouth off of huge
shoot the shit out her sweat

slick hole, like fate lies, born
into slavery.  If
you are high up in a
culture that holds the sperm,
it does not pay, and it
tastes like doughy cardboard.

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