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Burroughs Homage

February 5, 2010

A gnoetic psychic grandfather, we feel we must honor William S. Burroughs, born this day 1914.  The texts analyzed include sections from the cut-up novels, the essay “The Electronic Revolution” and Burroughs’ two essays on the cut-up.  Gnoetry has composed one blank-verse poem, several nonce syllabic poems and three renga using the statistical analysis of the aforementioned texts.


Fri Feb  5 15:12:26 2010

A chorus of a second movie tape,
in cases where the jaundice liver is
already damaged.  Spells, in fact?  The is
deleted and the word.  A virus is

a picture.  Many of the atom bomb:
a body.  It’s a way.  The word.  The is
deleted and the word.  The written word.
A number of recordings.  I advance

the theory that a finger.  On the most
horrific consequences.  It’s the blitz!
The operator.  It’s a man.  A glance…
a scramble tape.  The flowers fell in it.

Fri Feb  5 15:16:15 2010

Behind him, in cases where time is
space travel.  Knowing you might say; cordon bleu.  Let’s turn it on.

You need entirely too much junk that
corresponds to my body.  Many a new

language in two generations.
The gun falls from his hand.  Oh all right and clubs.  Kiki

ran away.  Let’s turn back the scrambled words and
pictures are tape recorder.  But when you push them.

Some form of gadgets.  When me you fly
I am in operation.  I

have described here a number of weapons
and tactics in the subject’s lap.  He stands by

the old hellfire expedient, like the white
word virus?  Or so he twists one after the other… well

this is not an allegorical comparison.  My god,
here they are making calculations for the

cutter.  The present time acts
in this case the danger was not quick enough.

Cutting and playback over a year
perhaps, too, naturally.

Fri Feb  5 15:14:05 2010

Needless to talk and begging
me to give.  Lee
was forty,
but those who just barely squeeze
through.  Like the process is
now using an old method
of entry.
Sitting in shorts on a drug
can be used to produce
the written word is just a
refinement.  This novel is
about.  The holy man.  He
must be made to feel that he
was he was no

Fri Feb  5 15:17:08 2010

Many subjects are
vulnerable to attack
those exposed to look

at the clock.  Squares on a drug
can be used at varying

distances.  That is
to build up a language in
which air is Adam.

Fri Feb  5 15:18:29 2010

There was something a
trifle disquieting in
the city.  His face

looked blurred, then finally the
brain edits, makes sense of, and

the dream gives us an
effect.  This will be made to
order in English.

Fri Feb  5 15:19:34 2010

We plot now our
virus’s symptoms and make
a break.  A virus

perhaps simply very small
units of sound over the

years I begin to
doubt if my time will ever
come.  I am the host.

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  1. erogk7 permalink
    February 10, 2010 2:39 pm

    This may seem obvious, given my recent posts here, but William Burroughs and R. Crumb–dirty brilliant bastards that they are–are probably the two figures that struck me most deeply as a teenager, and who continue to inspire me and my writing. Burrough’s 80’s trilogy (The Cities of the Red Night, The Place of Dead Roads, and The Western Lands) are his most fully conceived works in my opinion, highly recommended if you’re unfamiliar with them. Scenes from Naked Lunch still haunt me, too. If I were to look for an origin for the aesthetic that 6x6x6 is working on, it would have to be in his work.

    “I am in operation” is a perfectly post-human statement. So appropriate, too.

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