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The Same (excerpt)

February 22, 2010

I’m working out of dissatisfaction entirely now. This seems to be my mode in winter. Dissatisfied with the original form, the new form, and seriously questioning why I began this project. This is salvage work now. Each original section is being rewritten, heavily edited, somewhat reshuffled. I am feeling a little better now about it. It is more “same” than it was before, action and stasis are blurring in the lines.

The excerpt below is the first draft incorporating material from the first 10 or 11 original poems. The Same is one stream of lines now.


The Same (excerpt)

In confusion as more in effect as fact

As while belonging and while besides

Everything in blows in an oblique

Islands as rise in ball little spots

Cynicism w/ same day delivery

The mast the tube reproductive system

Consumption slaves in textbooks

Process goods service for families

Wet breeds w/ each other a shared state

As walls in common organic ends

Confuse as more effect than degree

A head wills the same as regardless

Assert by order of domestication

The rest the real between species as forms

Birds are weight in the air for convenience

Weight in truth or facts in weight

People accustomed to the present day

Humanity as the exhaustion of product

Explain and accumulate in weight

The future is currents from the neck

Chimneys in motion by every means

Question as renew and construct

Does not produce a marked effect

Whatever in the past was one-directional

Search for the cause w/ the rocks

The parallel is successful as a rule

To one as acting in horizontal motion

Island on island is a strange arrangement

The mercy soon exhausted acting

In reverse order satisfy then revert

The ladder into flocks as the result

Anything can love is slain in the trees

An apparent as preserved in action

Longitude accumulates as degrees

Produce and evolve in air as rubbing

Greasing as an expectation of degree

Is truce between many are transposed

Really existing hybrids of relations with serfs

The thing as between really existing forms

Words as favor and detail a product

Conceit as difficulty to regain specified form

To escape the facts avoid the subject

Laughter of the frightened and diversified

Give word of each matter as directed

No trace is eye or nest so severely

As in one direction precedes the eye

Custom to proceed as rocks

Days in thousand nights long go by

In ruins situated as before

The days in motion traces in flash

High forehead transit of alarm

Nest petitions before as another

Contents of the rocks the first awake

Kernels of the matter to the day

The rocks splinter on a nest before

The action of the world in ruins continues

The same perseveres in everything

. . .

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