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Backwards Swallowing 2

February 28, 2010

water nor thy power doth gaudy faults authority
my words too virtuous for a worthier truth
in too another work for the use nor forlorn
thy user cruel former took nor you who forsworn

all the neglected is said composition alone
forgoing the present and contented against men possess
against shows quick medicine and some kindness heavenly though
but the love of memory argument’s remedy death

what lily eclipses such wandering party besiege
that even me pity be taken receives want his faith
dispatch in they making on that situation imitated
increasing thee creature and praise clay sweet folly

– Feb 26 2010, manually edited from class-based n-grams of shakespeare’s sonnets using stochastic beam search and phonemic evaluation

Thanks for the title, chadahardy!

Like my previous sound poem, for the first stanza I emphasized back vowels, for the second stanza I emphasized central vowels, and for the third stanza I emphasized front vowels. Here’s how it turned out:

stanza back central front
1 39 (76.5%) 8 (15.7%) 4 (7.8%)
2 4 (7.0%) 44 (77.2%) 9 (15.8%)
3 3 (5.4%) 7 (12.5%) 46 (82.1%)

As before, I generated several lines for each stanza and re-arranged words til I thought they sounded nice, doing phone checks every once in a while. I implemented a stochastic beam search algorithm, which takes longer but gives the evaluation function more of a chance to affect the outcome. I only used words with phoneme models. I used populations of 10-20 over 10-30 iterations, and listened to Canibus while programming and waiting for the searches to finish, which probably influenced the editing phase.

I’ve renamed this program to ePoGeeS – eddeaddad’s Poetry Generation Sketchbook!!! If you want to check it out, it’s here. Save to your desktop, rename extension to .zip, and run the web page therein. (I’m getting some web space Real Soon Now!) it’s now online here!

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