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6x6x6 – Published in the Whorehouse and Disabled

March 1, 2010

New form as undefined
terms is community.
There is then molded to
fit a trailer to the
deaths, forming a gang bang.
If not wanting to as

a result of merit.
The americans who
are now, also, living
in a manner they should
have, angrily this time,
published in the whorehouse

and disabled.  At eight
hours a day in the
ass with sewage, doesn’t
want to comment.  What we
think so, in for, no birds
or failures, we know.  The

broken entirely
with interest.  Hang on a
given regardless.  I’m
getting off this planet
no matter how unjust
or unprovoked the white

death spiral.  Add in the
hip.  The less we stick with
life, Starbucks, Toronto,
Macmillan, Collier Books,
virtually the real
world of nature.  The ways

I guess reality
sets in when you’re in one
obscene picture after
another, class background
of your involvement.  Don’t
we do not to notice?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Note: As I have been waiting on the acceptance/rejection letter from the University of Pennsylvania program in poetics, I’ve been re/reading a lot of essays, particularly Charles Bernstein’s (“The Task of Poetics, the Fate of Innovation, and the Aesthetics of Criticism” from The Consequence of Innovation) and Ron Silliman’s (“The Marginalization of Poetry by Bob Perelman” and “The Political Economy of Poetry”). I stopped writing the 6x6x6 poems for what is now the reason that I’m writing them again, precisely because they trouble me in their “intentionality”–the lack thereof or the uncertainty and multiplicity of it–a point Silliman focuses on in the linked essay above. It may not be that I am just writing shit because I’m dissatisfied with America, my institutionalization, and am stewing unemployed in my standard Wintertime depression. What had seemed a fatal problem of their composition now drives me on. I seem to be working still out of what Bernstein calls “a poetics of bewilderment:” I don’t know what I’m doing or for what purpose, but I look at what I’ve done and find it, with this series at least, to be fine.

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