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6x6x6 – Cats and Vitamins

March 6, 2010

At long last, the long-awaited sequel to Pancakes and Chicken is here!


I use the third world as
a research tool is used
to impregnate mares.  As
the story of an aged
man with his first chance to
unleash truly was.  The

cum from behind, stop, and
optimism.  They can
witness the wonder of
chess.  The beaches of free
beer blasts each semester
for fun, literature

is radioactive.
Religious and ethnic
cleansing by aliens.
Slung over his own fucked
up beyond belief, as
she sniffed it carefully

he told her, “I don’t know,
many thoughts went to my
computer.”  The white race
had nothing.  They died a
lot.  Karma put it in
their backyards, the Real, as

most blacks and rural whites
are very interesting,
exciting or loose in
a way they’d never seen
them.  Geraldo looks like
cats and vitamins, fuck

me for my bunny bread!
We brought the cloned sheep.  I
can maintain the landscape
as long as I perform,
naked, caked in hot pie,
coffee ice cream truck bed.

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  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    March 19, 2010 5:24 pm

    I’ve always liked these 6x6x6 poems exactly becuase they are playful–I think I made mention of their humor when you were first doing these. The misgiving one might have doing these is that perhaps they are too much like the vile world around us, charging us up with sexual taunt on the sides of buses (American Apparel asses in the air, &c) and fake debate and cynical individualism. These like the best Philip K. Dick are anti-hormonal, anti-hallucinogenic poems that put the Real back into our backyards and expose all *those concerned with* Tigers and Jesse Jameses as the bunny bread fuckers they are (those two guys are just dumb guys–we’re the real fuckers for being so up on their sticks). In any case, this is a great project.

    • erogk7 permalink
      March 20, 2010 4:00 pm

      Thanks for that, Eric E. I had some misgivings myself in February about the “sexual taunt” and the negativity I felt feeding the poems for a while. I have come to see that a sense of humor and playfulness (coming mostly out of my adherence to Mac Low’s pleasure aesthetic for his poetry) have managed to keep the poems from being negative even as they make a criticism of society. For the three weeks or so, I’ve even felt relaxed and at ease with what comes out of gnoetry, and do not feel any of the guilt or dirtiness that I would feel at first after writing these. There is something darkly humorous and affirming about the poems that, as with all of my Gnoetry collaborations, seem to be equally true to my own sensibilities and alien to them at the same time.

      Wish me luck finding journals interested in publishing these. Or even better, suggestions? I would definitely like to see some of these in journals (print or other online venues) before I get to the point where a book manuscript is ready.

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