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Sound Poem 5: Threat Division

March 15, 2010

it’s like screaming at sorrows
what they drop played
here in different colours watching
about staple shit pushed

destroying the windows ten in goal
instincts that I showed
you got nothing slammed
we stare in his shut

heart and ritual
turning words
disturbing and open

March 10-14 2010, supervised generation from type-based n-grams of Minor Threat and Joy Division lyrics using stochastic beam search and phonemic evaluation

I finally got sick of putting Shakespeare through the blender so I added some code to more easily make new type-based n-gram language models!!!1! There are several bugs with it still but like my first critical theory teacher said, a broken tool is better than nothing!

Anyways I wrote this poem with eval weights of alliteration: 10, front vowels: 5, and D and T consonants: 5, running 10/10 or 6/5 individuals and iterations. I was aiming for a verse structure whose lines had the following accented vowel count: 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 (because I thought it sounded PUNK) but there was a bug in the accent-count code and I kept a couple lines that I generated it before I fixed it. For each line I generated 14 lines with the desired number of syllables and kept the lines that I liked, without editing them.

I’m not posting the updated applet til I test it a bit more, it did something nasty when I dropped Middlemarch into it, and I’m moving from a manic phase to a depressive phase so it might be a while :(

(UPDATE: depressive phase over!  you can find it here!)

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  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    March 19, 2010 5:18 pm

    I think Middlemarch has done something nasty to all of us at some point in time… What impresses on me with these phonetically/phonemetically driven experiments is that they are essentially a form of (w)reading–a form of close reading that leads directly to writing, bypassing any critical folderol and getting to nitty gritty, showing us how the source text authors were making their texts not su much as webs of ideas but as webs of sonic data. We also learn that, indeed, syntax is meaning and what we’ve priveleged as “style” is nothing more or less than syntax. “Turning words/disturbing and open” as it says here and that says it all.

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