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6x6x6 – Reconstruction and the Nature of Power

May 7, 2010

Astonishingly, you
shouldn’t have boundaries,
so please forgive me.  The
dead and dying, although
their concern was printed
and mutating, like my

total degradation…
fuck.  Miracle of the
roses from my ass, I’m
sick of south florida
in my asshole, the palm
trees sway in the present

value of their homes.  My
dog fucks the little towns,
providing an ideal
time to expand the scope
of the statute of art
in a crisis, willing

and exploited and sad.
We’re going to speak of
a largely male dancer,
the honey spewed from his
cock head and fell on their
rooftops and it’s very

hot.  There are thousands of
civilians in on the
commercial market that
start fucking my burning
flesh, Zen bones, deep inside,
apolitical, the

war, academic, not
justice, reparations,
reconstruction and the
nature of power.  Pray
for several converging
disasters in secret.

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