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SciFi Gnoetry

May 13, 2010

Does that sound awesome to anyone but me? (Not unrelated: has there already been a discussion here or somewhere else on  Rorschach test-style implications of interpreting texts created with programs like Gnoetry & Mchain, etc.? Just wondering.)

Anyway, I’ve been absent, for those of you who have forgotten that I was ever here. Absent partially because I’m intimidated by the awesomeness being produced by the bloggers here not named Matthew, and partially because of the new baby (girl #3 in our house), but mostly because I never seem to be able to devote the time to this that I’d like and am thus never confident enough in what I’m doing gnoetically when I am actually doing it.

Nevertheless, I keep trying, and while I’m still addicted to Walden as a source text, the sci-fi lover in me is really starting to show his face of late, and the results are more convincing to my eye. That said, an Mchain two-parter for, if nothing else, your amusement. Working title: “They & He”


Snarling with their bodies,
They were at once effectually deterred
from settling in a world
if they could not recognize
quiet desperation in it.

(What is called resignation
is like that he was ashamed of:
the Savage-possessed.)

They preferred a goal
somewhere beyond
somewhere else.


His completed mechanisms
turned up a more glorious creation.
Yet inaccessible circles of intellect
he embraced;
he embraced children,
beggars, the insane, the obscene.
He preferred relationships
between the most simple.
He began to unwind.

They pressed him,
occasionally repeated twice.
They held his mother;
They were appalled by the hills.

Update, 5.14: Forgot to mention my sources, Walden & Brave New World.

(I feel like I should apologize for the appearance of the phrase “quiet desperation”, but when it showed up in the output, I just couldn’t help myself.)

And as is my way, I’ll mention that I hope to post more but warn against the holding of one’s breath.

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